Midnight Forests
Written by Gary Hines/Illustrated by Robert Casilla
A Junior Library Guild Selection
An International Reading Association Teachers' Choice

Gifford Pinchot, America's first forester, and his good friend, President Theodore Roosevelt, happily pull the wool over the eyes of their opponents to save some valuable forest lands for future generations.
Illustration © Robert Casilla 2005 with permission of Boyds Mills Press
Boyds Mills Press 2005
ISBN 1-56397-148-8
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Thanksgiving in the White House
Written by Gary Hines/Illustrated by Alexandra Wallner
President Abraham Lincoln's youngest son, Tad, loves mischief and gets into plenty around the White House. He is also very fond of Jack the Turkey, a gobbler meant to be part of a holiday dinner. Can Tad convince his father, who is preoccupied with the civil war, to save jack's life?
Illustration © Alexandra Wallner 2003 with permission of Henry Holt and Company
Henry Holt and Company 2003
ISBN 0-8050-6530-X
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A Christmas Tree in the White House
Written by Gary Hines/illustrated by Alexandra Wallner 
A true story romp through the halls of President Theodore Roosevelt's White House.  When the President declares that Christmas trees go against his conservation policies and bans them from the White House, his two smallest boys try to sneak one into their bedroom.  What happens next will delight the hearts of all who celebrate the spirit of goodwill during the winter holidays. 

"Gary Hines knows how to spin a tale for the very young.  Just the right amount of suspense, a plot twist--and a happy ending--with a lesson on nature."
New York Times Book Review, December 1998
"A delightful story.  Snappy dialogue, lots of action, and a small conspiracy quickly move the plot along.  Charming gouache illustrations give the book a folksy appearance." 
School Library Journal, October 1998
"Kids will be charmed by the irreverent behavior of the Roosevelt children and the historic elements here."
Publishers Weekly, September 28,  1998
Illustration © Alexandra Wallner 1998 with permission of Henry Holt and Company
Henry Holt and Company 1998
ISBN 0-8050-5076-0 
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Flying Firefighters
Written by Gary Hines/illustrated by Anna Grossnickle Hines 
“A ‘helitack’ crew is summoned by radio to fight a forest fire: The present-tense drama of this picture book will hold children with its fast-paced action and exciting facts...Kids will enjoy the account of brave people at work and imagine themselves there: ‘Copter Five-One-Seven... Reported fire...Please respond.’” ALA Booklist 10/93
Named a Notable Children’s Trade Book for 1993 by the National Council of the Social Studies
Illustration © Anna Grossnickle Hines 1993 with permission of Clarion Books
Clarion 1993
ISBN 0-395-61197-0
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The Day of the High Climber
Written by Gary Hines/illustrated by Anna Grossnickle Hines 
The family has just arrived for their summer in a logging camp and the big news is that Puss Tompkins, the best high climber Papa has ever seen, is coming to the camp. And when he does, Puss Tompkins in action is truly the highlight of an engaging summer. An engrossing glimpse into the American past. 
Illustration © Anna Grossnickle Hines 1994 with permission of Greenwillow Books
Greenwillow 1994
ISBN 0-688-11494-6 TR; 0-688-11495-4 LE
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A Ride in the Crummy 
Written by Gary Hines/illustrated by Anna Grossnickle Hines 
"Traveling together on a modern train, Grandpa tells Toby about the special trip he and his family took when he was a boy and rode in the crummy (caboose) of a steam train. The ride is lovingly described and even more beautifully illustrated. The attractive design features full-page watercolors on the right and text and a small painting in which one can trace the progress of the train on the left." 
School Library Journal 6/91 
Illustration © Anna Grossnickle Hines
Greenwillow, 1991 
ISBN 0-68809692-1
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The Haunted House
An anthology of scary stories edited by Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg. 
My story is called The Train Room.
Illustration © Doron Ben-Ami
Harper Collins, 1995
ISBN 0-0-06-024467-4
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Writers in the Kitchen
A whole bunch of recipes by your favorite authors compiled by Tricia Gardella. 
My recipe is called Daddy's Spaghetti.
Illustration © Betsy Lewin
Boyds Mills Press, 1998
ISBN 1-56397--713-3
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