Prop Needs:

Client must provide a small wooden table or desk (roughly two by four feet--can be larger if stage allows); two chairs (wood or upholstered); a wooden coat tree; a low stool for sitting (a round of wood or wooden box, or even a chair as a last resort, is fine too); an apple, a water glass, a rock (grapefruit sized); a pocket knife and an older looking fishing pole (both optional). If a coat tree is unavailable, an extra chair will do.

Note: Furnishings made of wood aren't essential but add atmosphere.  A vintage look is preferable to overly modern.  Most hotels have acceptable pieces.

Equipment Needs:

Client must provide a projection screen sized to the room and audience; a public address (PA) system (preferably stereo) with audio inputs and a wireless lavalier microphone; a digital projector; a DVD player (or a laptop that can play a DVD or an mp4 video file).

The DVD player or laptop needs to plug into both the projector and the PA sound system.

Time Needs for Setup:

Usually about an hour, depending on glitches and gremlins.

Location Needs:

A performance space (preferably a stage or platform) at least eight feet by fifteen feet at the front of the room (see layout).

Because projected video will be used, the room needs to be dark; only the stage area requires general lighting. In case a technician is available to run lights during the performance, click here for a simple lighting cue sheet.


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