"I'm still humbled by the realization that the written word will never be as powerful as your performance. Bravo!"

Char Miller

Professor of History, Trinity University, Texas

Author of "Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism"

"Today, despite the Internet, movies and television, the power of one performer telling a true life story to an audience is still compelling entertainment."

Judith Reynolds

Member of American Theatre Critics Association

The Durango Heralde

"Your portrayal of Gifford Pinchot at the World Forestry Center was superb. In your audience you held with every word the attention of Boy Scouts, foresters, teachers, Forest Service employees, conservationists and those who simply enjoy fine theater. There were poignant moments for each. As a forester I was transported back to the genesis and early commitment to my profession. There were similar personal moments for each person present."

John L. Blackwell, President

World Forestry Center

Portland, Oregon

"That was one of the best evenings of theater any of us experienced in years. We left making favorable comparisons to Hal Holbrook and James Whitmore and their one man shows. They are no more thrilling than you are! How on earth did you get so much talent?"

Cindy Kraus

Los Angeles, California

"The standing ovation you received from our 200 employees certainly sums up our feelings about your program. It was a very inspirational program done in a very professional way. We heard nothing but glowing comments."

Floyd J. Marita

Regional Forester, Milwaulkee, Wisconsin

"Thank you. My spirit is renewed. My purpose refocused. You convey conviction, strength of belief and purpose--the very things that the daily grind destroys."

Stan Bales

Susanville, CA

"Bravo! On behalf of the members of the national Parks Mid-Atlantic Council, I want to thank you for a splendid performance. Even though your audience's day started at 6 am and included a long morning meeting and hard paddling of river rafts into head-winds all afternoon, there wasn't a nodding head in the bunch. You kept them all spellbound. There were many requests for your address and telephone number."

Barbara S. Yeaman, Chair

The National Parks Mid-Atlantic Council

Milanville, Pennsylvania

"We really enjoyed having you on the Clemson University campus this week for your performance of Gifford Pinchot. Your presentations were terrific. I was very impressed with how skillfully you integrated the voices, slides, sound effects and monologue. Your timing was just outstanding. It was an entertaining as well as an informing evening."

Harry Durham

Associate Vice President, Clemson University

Clemson, South Carolina

"People at the meeting thought so much of your presentation, they're still talking about it today. It was thought provoking and hauntingly stirring; a great many folks were moved to tears by the end. This brought us 'back together' with a history and a common goal."

Liz Schuppert, Conference Chairperson

Wasatch-Cache National Forest

Evanston, Wyoming

"That was great!  I yawned through the whole thing!"

Andy Grossnickle, age 5

"It's worth the bucks, man!"

Janet Gonzales, Conference Coordinator

Grey Towers National Historic Landmark

Milford, Pennsylvania

"I wish you were still here to hear the rave reviews your performance is still getting. You were terrific!!! A professional performance, both entertaining and educational."

Nancy Baker

University of California Alumni Association

"Wow! I had seen your presentation before, but I was still thrilled a second time. All thought it was a perfect start to a discussion on Biodiversity. I have told people for several years that your show was great, and you lived up to my billing."

Gregory A. Hoss

Missouri Society of American Foresters

"Thanks for making the Arkansas Forestry Association Teachers Conservation Workshop a great success with the performance of Gifford Pinchot. Your presentation was outstanding, and the information you provided should be helpful to the teachers in preparing our future leaders. Again, thanks for you spectacular performance."

Jacquelyn Kelley

Arkansas Forestry Association

"Thanks again ever so much for coming to us. You can imagine how much your presentation meant to a forester of my generation who saw Gifford Pinchot, went to Yale, and had tea with Harry Graves!"

Dr. John Gray

Little Rock, Arkansas

"We really feel that Gary is a national treasure, and the program he produced on Gifford Pinchot is an example of this. It was extraordinary."

John P. Whitcher, M.D.

San Francisco, California

"That's why I call you a genius."

Bashford York

Sonora, California

"I sure wish all history was taught this way. We didn't want to come, but our parents dragged us here. It was great. We're really glad we came."

Two high school girls

Portland, Oregon