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Quilts in a Children's Book: The making of PIECES: a Year in Poems and Quilts
Read the article published by AQS in American Quilter, Winter 2002.

Pieces: A Year in Poems and Quilts is my fiftieth book for children, but the first in which I used fabric as my medium. Although my aunt, Frances Putman, made many quilts for baby and wedding gifts, the first one in the family to do quilting for quilting sake was my cousin, Karen Stanforth, born the same year I was. She inspired her mother, my mom's sister, Esther Morris. Aunt Esther got Mom started, and she passed it on to me. Another aunt, Betty Putman, who recently succumbed to breast cancer, was also an avid quilter, and Uncle Bob often accompanied the group to quilt shows and shops, offered opinions, and cut templates, so quilting is very much a family affair.

Reviews, Honors, and Awards  

Patterns for three of the quilts from Pieces are available below. A pattern for "To Each His Own" is in Miniature Quilts, Issue No. 52.

My second book illustrated with fabric, all appliqué this time, is now avaliable. Whistling is a lovely story written by my friend Elizabeth Partridge , about a father and child, camping in the forest, who wake before dawn to welcome the day in a special way. Mickey Lawler's wonderful hand-painted Skydyes TM   helped immensely to create a breathtaking early morning sky. I also found the appliquéd landscapes of Jo Diggs inspiring, and took a workshop with her because I so love her use of light.

Illustrating Whistling
An Interview for the Greenwillow Catalog

How I Illustrated Whistling
Lots of pictures help explain how I came to illustrate this book, the development of my ideas,and the techniques used to carry them out.

Winter Lights: A Season in Poems and Quilts,was published in 2005.  The poems and quilts in this book explore the warm and playful lights that cheer us during the dark season of the year. The fifteen quilts in this book have taken me two and half years to finish and are done with the twisted log cabin, bargello, strip piecing and appliqué.

Take a peek at all the quilts, then click to a page for each quilt, which shows how I designed and created it.

Reviews and Honors for Winter Lights

1, 2 Buckle My Shoe began with a quilt I made as agift to my granddaughter, and to meet the "Challenge" of my local Pacific Peacemakers Quilt Guild.  It was published in 2008 by Harcourt.

See my process for this book.

Peaceful Pieces is another ccombination of quilts and poems, this time about a subject near and dear to my heart...peace.  The poems cover everything from inner peace, to peace within families and friends, to world peace.

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