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Moon's Wish
by Anna Grossnickle Hines

Many youngsters wish on the moon. ...Molly turns the tables and offers the moon a chance to wish on her dandelion puff. After the wind blows the fluffy seeds, Molly queries her busy mother, father, brother Zachary, and sister Meghan to see if they can guess the moon's wish. Each responds with a cranky answer, but adds a wish he or she would really like to come to true. The next day all the wishes are granted (as Molly knew they would be) because the moon's generous wish had been for the family's wishes to come true....Often preoccupied, parents and siblings don't always see the viewpoint of the youngest member of the family. Hines' sunny picture book rectifies this lapse in a gentle and supportive manner.  ALA Booklist 4/92 

Published by Clarion, 1992

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