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Mean Old Uncle Jack
When the family gathers for a Fourth of July picnic, the children know they had better keep an eye on Uncle Jack... (he) is an incurable tease whose young nieces and nephews can't get enough of his fun ... Hines' soft, color-pencil drawings highlight the extended family fun everyone has on this Independence Day celebration. An affectionate portrayal. 
ALA Booklist 4/90 

Published by Clarion, 1990 

After I wrote Grandma Gets Grumpy my brother-in-law challenged me to write a book about him. Affectionately called "Mean Old Uncle Jack" by my girls and their younger cousins, Jack was prime story material.  He loved to tease, and the kids always enjoyed any opportunity to turn the tables on him. 

It is amazing how many people have written to tell me they are sure the story is about their own "Mean Old Uncle Jack." 



The photo at right shows Uncle Jack in action at a family picnic twenty-some years ago. 


Here he is with "his book" visiting his great-nephews class in Ohio...grayer, but still playing his best role. 
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