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First it was a pop-up book...

As my first attempt to do a book requiring paper engineering,  this was an interesting challenge. Unfortunately, I never quite got around to telling about how I did it.   I did do my own engineering, working out how all the parts could work. I wanted to be sure the moving parts weren't too fragile for toddler fingers. Most of my ideas made it into the final book. A few though, had to be changed to keep production costs down. 

Published by Orchard Books  March 2000

...which got this heart-warming review on

We began reading this book to our daughter when she was probably 7 months old. She quickly became "obsessed" and demanded we read it over and over. Her first words aside from mommy and daddy were "bear" and "book". The original book has long since been pulled apart and fallen into disuse but I bought another copy and am saving it to read to her children someday.

Now it's an app!

an  appropo   production

 Things to do:  Make your own pop-up picture.